China Photography: Kunlun Wildlife (昆仑野生摄影)

Here is what the Confucius Institute, of the University of Michigan, writes:

There will be 100 + captivating photographs showcasing the mystery and beauty of mountain life and environments of the Kunlun National Park. Kunlun National Park (KNP) is located on approximately 420,000 square kilometers of land in Qinghai Province of China.

Exhibition hours and locations:
10/12 -10/31 - Art Lounge at the Michigan Union: 530 S. State St.
10/21- 11/9 - Atrium 4 at Palmer Commons, 100 Washtenaw Ave.


China is vast and diverse. Unlike China's eastern plains and coastal areas, packed with megawatt, highly developed urban cities, Qinghai (青海)is a province that lies in China's wild west. The Kunlun mountain(昆仑山) range stretches itself across Qinghai Province. If you are near Michigan Union at UoM, or close to Palmer Commons at EMU, please check out this exhibit! I plan to go, perhaps on opening day, October 12. Also, please check out the "Mandarin Conversations" event on October 13. We will have a special guest to help us understand what life is like, living in Qinghai.


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